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Resume Advantage Pro Audio Workshop

Accelerate Your Career – Today!

Resume Fundamentals • Writing Your Introduction & Summary

Categorizing Your Information • Adding to Your Professional Experience

Professional Experience Special Cases • Education, Certifications & Skills

Formats and Optimization • Job Search Strategies

and much more…

My Professional Brand

I'm excited to be able to present my professional self as a complete and polished product to employers. The Resume Advantage Pro program has really helped me think of ways to brand and communicate my summary of skills with my resume, I really learned a lot attending the live seminar.

Mike J.
Mike J.
Confidence Building

I'm a home dad and like a lot of people changing careers especially as an older guy because a lot of my techniques were out dated. The workshop showed me how to clearly present my professional skills and how to interview with confidence, to focus on what I know and what I can offer. This was a big plus for me.

The Complete Resume Format & Resume Writing Myths

Learning how to attract employer’s to you is the #1 most important step in building a successful career.

If you ignore the avoidable resume writing mistakes, you can end up feeling rejected by an employer’s LACK OF RESPONSE, not knowing if you are being considered for those positions you applied for.


In these lessons, you will learn:

• How to influence the entire hiring process to your advantage
• How to identify what employers are looking for on your resume
• How to create a complete resume to gain a competitive edge in your career
• Resume writing mistakes you must evade and how to avoid them
• Discover your unique career focus to customize your personalized resume

Writing Your Introduction & Resume Optimization

Learn step-by-step how to write your summary of qualifications to MAXIMIZE your professional image. Show employers you have the skills they are looking for.

If you’re like me, you want employers, human resources, and even your manager to pay attention to you!


In these lessons, you will learn:

• How to write your summary of qualifications for all career levels
• How to format your primary statement and secondary sentences
• How to write your resume for the modern digital age
• Specific resume optimization techniques that will get you noticed

Your Professional Experience, Education & Skills

Too much professional experience and feeling overwhelmed? Or do you have very little experience and unsure what qualifies?

Don’t worry, I will provide you with easy to follow templates to capture all your professional career experience, your certifications and your individual skills. I will show you how to summarize your experience or validate and add to your experience.


In these lessons, you will learn:

• How to accurately present your degrees and certifications
• How to properly format your professional career experience
• Show how you can split your long-term experience
• Use your personal activities to add to your experience
• Where to locate your awards and achievements on your resume

Building Your Resume & Formatting Techniques

It’s not just about putting down your career information, it’s about building a QUALITY resume that is distinctively yours.

Creating a resume you can be PROUD of, which you can use throughout your entire career for long-term success.


In these lessons, you will learn:

• How to visually construct your resume for maximum visual appeal
• How to format your resume for submitting online
• Identify your foundational personality qualities
• Techniques to categorize and prioritize your information
• Pitfalls to avoid when using special text characters

Job Posting and Submitting Your Resume

Your resume is your professional currency. That means you can use your resume credentials to PROMOTE your skills in any arena.


In these lessons, you will learn:

• How to professionally market yourself using your resume as a tool
• Methods to speed up your online job search and submitting your resume
• Time savings techniques to save yourself hours of frustration
• How to write your resume cover letter and professional references
• Live resume rewrite examples and first impressions

Participants Feedback & Results

Resume Advantage Pro makes it easy. Take control of your career today!

Highlight my Military Experience

Definitely very insightful and useful information. Showed me how to capture and highlight my military experience and restructure my resume. We now live in an online environment and I learned how to tailor my information to succeed in the modern job market.

Get an Employers Attention

I am now able to quickly and concisely represent myself to potential employers. I learned how to identify what’s important to focus on, and definitely discovered lots of great tips I never thought about. Great guidelines, I’m looking forward to my future.

Immediate Results

The workshop coached me through the entire resume writing process with incredible results. After my first resume evaluation and rewrite, I re-posted on job boards and was called for my first interview the very next day and I got the job.

Impressive & Insightful

Resume Advantage Pro showed me how to effectively represent my years of professional experience and move past encapsulating myself in somebody else's box. Having the qualifications means nothing if you are unable to get the attention of the hiring manager, Brian showed me how.

Resume Building

I really appreciate all the guidance Brian offered, very insightful into resume writing and job submitting. I learned a lot of tips on how to standout. These new skills will allow me to move forward in my career and be successful now and in the future and prosper.

Concise and Professional

Choosing to revamp my resume was my best decision this year! The program accessed my skills, reorganized my original resume content, now emphasizes talents I previously considered unimportant. Furthermore, Brian's wealth of knowledge as a career professional brings valuable perspective to his process. I recommend his program to anyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting the attention of an employer is the most demanding first-step in your job search… your resume may be your only chance! Our resume writing workshop will teach you how to effectively communicate your skills and qualifications, how to optimize your resume, and so much more… Our concept is simple, to teach the in-and-out’s of resume writing and career marketing strategies so you can apply them year after year to gain the competitive edge.
Resume Advantage Pro is a complete resume wiring course, consisting of audio CDs, an interactive workbook, and access to an online member’s area. The entire program can be listened to and completed offline. In addition, inside the online member’s area there is access to additional downloadable forms, mp3 audio for your mobile, iPod or Android devices, and more interactive bonus content.
At Resume Advantage Pro, we focus on teaching you the strategies and methods to write, rewrite, and update your resume information throughout your professional career. We show you how to build each resume section, how to summarize your information, expand your experience, and give you hours of tips and techniques that can get you the results you deserve.
Yes. The Resume Advantage Pro workshop is available in mp3 format, which you can download from the member’s area resource center direct to your computer, laptop, or mobile device.
Many resume services focus their efforts on grammar and writing your resume for you. However, there are many mistakes in using this approach! If you fail to provide the writing service with all of your career information, those important career accomplishments can be left out, which may reduce your chances for that next job offer. And what about next year! Do you really want to keep paying someone to update your resume, each and every time it changes?
Resume Advantage Pro is a comprehensive interactive program focused specifically on resume writing and pre-interview career marketing techniques, which are necessary prior to a telephone prescreen and face to face interview. Many of the skills taught throughout the workshop are very relevant to interview preparation.
Yes! We encourage you to send us your resume writing and career related questions so we can get to know you and help you with your career challenges. Rather than spend hours visiting website after website looking for a clear answer to your question, we welcome your questions and will do our very best to get you the answer, Free! If there are a lot of similar questions on a specific topic, our Career Talk Pro broadcast program may even feature your question in their Video Newsletter.

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