For Immediate Release

Friday, November 12, 2010, the Seneea Corporation in conjunction with its affiliate partners announced the much anticipated re-release of the popular Resume Advantage Pro Video Workshop Program. The scheduled 3pm EST conference call described the newly revised, career coaching and resume writing course and the proposed release date.

*** The Call
Our overall objective with the re-release of Resume Advantage Pro is to provide the most up to date and accurate tools to our clients. But be able to provide this workshop program to a broader audience by changing our distribution method to an online digital format. This has allowed us to reduce the end product cost, whereby that savings has been passed onto our customers.

We want to provide an opportunity for everyone to advance their careers but most importantly help out in this tough and challenging economic time. Let’s face it, jobs are hard to come by and the competition will only increase, especially in the short term. If we can help out qualified professionals or even that student looking for their first job; to cut through the noise and compete on their skills and qualifications then we feel obligated to get Resume Advantage Pro in everyone’s hands to they can achieve the success they deserve. Job hunting and resume writing can become extremely frustrating with all the misinformation and piles of so called experts, books, guides, and so forth out there. Getting that call from an employer saying they’re interested in interviewing you, is what we all want. Therefore, with our video workshop course, Resume Advantage Pro, we wanted to step our members through a process of not only building their individual and unique resume that provides a complete employment picture to potential employers, but we also wanted to teach the skills and tools it takes to be successful not only for today, but throughout someone’s career.

There is a lot of behind the scenes technology we have incorporated into this re-release of Resume Advantage Pro.  One major change is the focus on Search Engine Optimization, often called SEO that we imbedded into the resume creation process. What this has done for our members is rapidly move to the top of the search parameters when employers are looking for their skills. In short, we help our members get noticed by employers, but also teach the skills and develop their resume to grab an employers attention and hold it. We have found this leads to more calls, more interview opportunities, and more advancement opportunities. We are very serious about our tag line, Accelerate Your Career.

As for this pre-launch announcement it’s just that. We are in the final stages of beta testing our member’s access site so it is compatible with all major internet browser platforms and our content is distributed without errors.  Pending any issues we anticipate the Resume Advantage Pro product to go live on or before November 20, 2010.
*** End of Call is an online video workshop program distributed through membership access. A trial membership period is rumored to be offered in conjunction with an introductory reduced product pricing offering.  For more announcements and product information visit

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