Career Programs

Start Your Career Today

Our affiliate program has two new banner advertisements. To support our expanding affiliate network and based on a neutral color scheme to work across standard webpage colors we have two new ads. A banner ad with the Google affiliate network standard sizing of 486×60, titled Start Your Career Today. And a second letterboard ad, again using the same Google adsense sizing of 728×90, titled Career Programs.

These affiliate program ads have been uploaded to our Online Affiliate Marketing Program, affiliates members area under the marketing tools section. In addition, we added the banner ad and letterboard ad to our publicly available Ad Formats page for Resume Advantage Pro. Please note, if you are an affiliate marketer or choose to join our affiliate marketing program; use the ad links from the member’s area and not the Ad Format sample page. Your unique affiliate member number will be assigned to each ad inside the member’s area that tracks your sales. Cheers all and happy marketing!