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Free Audio Books CD for Career Planning

Job hunting can be a pain. Preparing all of your documents, writing a resume and trying to decide on what to say in your cover letter can be a challenge to even the most successful career professional.

With your busy schedule, where you find the time to find out what changes in today’s job market have occurred and how what you don’t know can hurt your career opportunities! Audio books have become increasingly more popular for one simple fact; they easily fit into our busy lifestyles. Whether in the car, on your commute to and from work, or at home doing […]

How to Make a Resume for my First Job

You are brand new to the workforce and you don’t have any experience to put on your resume. Don’t worry. There are other ways to make your resume look great and to get you noticed by employers. For beginners, writing a resume serves a slightly different purpose than it does for an experienced professional in the job market. If you are right out of school or just entering the workforce for the first time writing a resume can seem like a challenging task

Generally, an employee’s work experience or post high school education (college, university, trade school, or certifications) are primarily […]

Highest Paying Jobs for 2011

According to career poles and news reporting in 2010, the highest paying and most stable jobs were in the medical and medical services career field. However, with the looming increases in medical insurance and malpractice insurance medical professionals may see their profits dwindling in 2011. Other professional careers suffered throughout 2010, specifically those related to the defense industry as defense spending and program budgets were cut.

Not all technical fields suffered in 2010 as internet technology (IT), computer science, software engineers, and programmers maintained a strong presence. Companies used the low in the workforce to update and revitalize their internal technology […]

How to Write a Resume for the New Year

If you’re brand new to the workforce or you are an experienced work professional looking for those next job opportunities, updating your resume profile and your work experience gained throughout the year is critical to your long term job security.

The New Year brings a sense of renewal and revival in the job market. The holidays are over and companies are now looking ahead to what their objectives and goals are for the coming year. Employers return to new annual budgets and a sense of getting back to work that often drives hiring in the first quarter of the year. Therefore, […]

Free Resume Templates for Career Professionals

Unsure how to write a resume or where to start? Looking for help, advice, and resume writing tips that you can start using today! Templates and examples can only show you what others have done and who know if they really can produce the results you want.

Ask yourself… Google estimates more then 450,000 people search for the exact phrase “Resume Templates” per month in just the United States alone! That’s over Five Million people per year. Can you honestly say that using some sort of basic resume templates or copying someone’s resume is the best way to compete in this highly […]

Packed with So Much Information!

I’m a High School educator in New Jersey and I am so excited to have an opportunity to use and experience a program like Resume Advantage Pro. It is so important to me that my students make a connection between what we are learning in the classroom and what is available to them in a very challenging job market.

In reviewing the Resume Advantage Pro online video workshop program I noticed that as a teacher this product has a similar type of step by step curriculum that I deliver in the classroom. I felt that anyone who is really interested in […]