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Highest Paying Jobs – The Top 20, Part 2

Our website recently ran an article listing the 10 highest paying jobs for 2011, the first part of our two-part feature on highly profitable careers. Without further delay, here are jobs 11 through 20 on the list of highest paying jobs.

All figures are based on average salary estimates provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for 2011.

11. Pediatrician
A pediatrician is a doctor who treats babies, children, and teenagers. If you enjoy being around kids and think you can handle medical school, you can look forward to an annual salary of $165,720.

12. Dentist (specialty)
When we talk about specialty dentists, we’re […]

Reduce Stress at Work

Learning how to reduce stress at work is crucial in today’s fast-paced business environment. If you are constantly tense and wound up, not only will you have difficulty performing your job duties, you could also put your mental and physical health at risk.

Studies have found strong links between work-related stress and chronic heart disease. For example, a study reported at the 2010 American Heart Association conference determined that a woman’s risk of heart disease, including congestive heart failure and heart attacks, increases notably for those with high levels of stress at work. The study included 17,415 women and spanned 10 […]

How to Boost Your High School Resume

While plenty of resume advice is offered to adult professionals, learning how to boost your high school resume can be more challenging for the job seeking high school student.

As our blog recently reported, finding jobs for high school students isn’t easy. As of August 2011, the unemployment rate for teens was 24.5%—the highest all the U.S. demographic groups. Mix this together with a global economic slowdown and you’ll see why teens have it tough in the job market.

That’s why we’re offering 5 resume tips for secondary school students in this article. Keep reading to learn how you can boost your high […]

Highest Paying Jobs – The Top 20

Have you been thinking about changing to a more profitable career? Or, are you curious to see what the other half makes? Either way, you’ll enjoy reading our list of the top 20 highest paying jobs.

These highest paying job figures are based on median wages reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for 2011. Oh, and not to ruin the surprise, but most of them involve going to medical school.

1. Surgeon
If you can thrive in medical school and don’t mind the thought of cutting someone’s body open, this can be a very profitable career choice for you. The increased demand […]

Job Satisfaction Low Nationally and Internationally

Job satisfaction levels have been dropping in the United States and internationally, according to three recent studies. In this article, we’ll explore each of these studies to find out why workers have been so unhappy, how many employees plan on leaving their jobs, and how job satisfaction levels vary across age groups. Plus, we’ll share tips for improving your situation if you feel unhappy at work.

2011 Study on Low Job Satisfaction in the United States: Half of Americans Unhappy at Work
A recent survey of nearly 2,400 American employees found half were unhappy at work, confirming the low levels of national […]

How to Pass an Employment Assessment Test – Part 1

Employment assessment tests are becoming more popular as companies seek to filter out applicants in today’s crowded market. You may have experienced one of these employment personality tests yourself after filling out an online job application. After entering information relevant to the job, you were asked to answer between 50 and 200 questions about yourself, many of which required you to agree or disagree with various statements that had little to do with the job you applied for. You may have been confused as to what some of these questions were actually trying to find out or why you were […]