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Job Interview – Skirt or Pants?

As a woman, choosing between a skirt or pants for a job interview can be tricky. On one hand, you want to appear powerful and assertive at the job interview. However, you also want to appear conservative enough for a professional environment. In this article, we will discuss whether skirts or pants are more appropriate for job interviews.

Before we start, please understand which types of skirts we are talking about. This article will discuss conservative skirts, generally knee-length, in the pencil or A-line style. We will not talk about miniskirts, high slit skirts, or other revealing garments. Everyone knows that […]

Funny Cover Letters

If your job hunt has you feeling down, relax for a few minutes by checking out some funny cover letters. These funny cover letters, which we found online, were all used by real applicants. Reading them will not only amuse you, but remind you of the dangers of presenting irrelevant “experience,” wasting the hiring manager’s time with cutesy gimmicks, or attempting to use dark humor in what is supposed to be a professional correspondence.

Funny Cover Letter #1: Elementary School and Internet Accomplishments
This gem of a funny cover letter was first posted on the message board of the North American Subaru […]

Jobs for High School Students and Middle School Students

High school students and even middle school students are often eager to take their first steps toward adulthood by working part-time. If you are a teen who wants to work, understanding the youth employment situation can give you a better picture of what to expect. Knowledge of U.S. labor laws can help you figure out which types of jobs and work shifts you can apply for. Keep reading to find out about these topics and learn practical strategies for working while in school.

The job market is tough for teenagers right now.
Well, the job market is tough for everyone right now, […]

Possible Effects of Obama’s Jobs Plan on Unemployed Americans

President Obama’s jobs plan, also known as the American Jobs Act, aims to help unemployed Americans return to work. Congress is currently deciding whether to pass the American Jobs Act, reject it, or try to modify it. This article will explain some of the possible effects of Obama’s jobs plan on unemployed Americans, along with some of the criticisms of the plan.

Obama’s jobs plan would keep unemployment benefits at the same level, establish reemployment programs, and give companies incentives to hire the long-term unemployed.
The phrase “long-term unemployed” refers to people who have been out of work for 27 weeks or […]

The Employment Situation: September 2011

The Department of Labor’s Employment Situation report for September is just barely better than the August report. The unemployment rate stayed at 9.1%, while just 103,000 new jobs were added. Remember that, last month, 45,000 telecommunications employees from Verizon’s U.S. Northeast wireline unit went on strike, and then most eventually returned to work under the terms of their old contract.

So, if you cancel those out, we’re actually looking at 58,000 added positions. As a benchmark, 150,000 positions would need to be added each month just to keep up with population growth, so the employment situation is still bleak.

In this article, […]

Highest Paying Jobs – The Top 20

Have you been thinking about changing to a more profitable career? Or, are you curious to see what the other half makes? Either way, you’ll enjoy reading our list of the top 20 highest paying jobs.

These highest paying job figures are based on median wages reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for 2011. Oh, and not to ruin the surprise, but most of them involve going to medical school.

1. Surgeon
If you can thrive in medical school and don’t mind the thought of cutting someone’s body open, this can be a very profitable career choice for you. The increased demand […]