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Top 100 – How to Write a Resume Search Terms

In this challenging and highly competitive global job market, what resume keywords and resume related search terms are the most popular being searched for? Google, Yahoo, and other search engines all vary in their top search term list but there are many significant similarities when examining both global, international based terms and those more localized within the United States. We have compiled a list of the current, most widely searched text for How to Write a Resume; specifically looking at just the exact search term. Search phrases and broad search terms that show up randomly in a search result were […]

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Yes! Discover how to write a resume with Resume Secrets and Job Search Strategies Audio CD. Inside this informative audio disk you will learn professional resume tips.

Gain an inside look at how to make a resume and what mistakes to avoid with products and services. See how applying simple but powerful career tips and produce immediate results for your job search. And what to do when writing a resume to get yourself noticed by employers.

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Resume Product Launch Update

For Immediate Release

The official product launch of Resume Advantage Pro has been pushed back to December 5, 2010 to complete site maintenance and product updates.  The new web site and membership area has been completed updated and optimized to improve the speed and accuracy of the product delivery to our end users.  Significant changes have been made to the product video distribution, now completely available in a single member’s area without the prior need for product keys to unlock the modules and workbook data.

These and other optimization changes which included moving server content and helpdesk integration and browser compatibility have […]

Resume Advantage Pro Product Pre-Launch Press Release

For Immediate Release

Friday, November 12, 2010, the Seneea Corporation in conjunction with its affiliate partners announced the much anticipated re-release of the popular Resume Advantage Pro Video Workshop Program. The scheduled 3pm EST conference call described the newly revised, career coaching and resume writing course and the proposed release date.

*** The Call
Our overall objective with the re-release of Resume Advantage Pro is to provide the most up to date and accurate tools to our clients. But be able to provide this workshop program to a broader audience by changing our distribution method to an online digital format. This has […]

Free Resume Secrets CD

Get your Free resume secrets and job search strategies audio CD.  Claim your copy today…

Resume Advantage Pro Transitions to WordPress has moved to WordPress. As technology evolves and internet standards become more stabilized, we made the decision to move all our pages over to the WordPress content management system (CMS). Especially given Microsoft Live pages have also switched over to this format, and our free resume writing blog articles also can benefited from Word Press the decision was simple.