Ad Formats and Advertisement Examples for Resume Advantage Pro

To help you, our Affiliate Partners we created several pre-made marketing ads available to everyone in our Affiliates Members Area. These advertisement examples are designed specifically to exactly match the Google Adsense ad format. Why? That's simple. Many websites and blogs already use these ad sizes, so adding our pre-sized ads to your website or blog is quick and easy.

Login to your Affiliate Members Area and select which ad you want to display on your website. Make sure you select the ad from your Affiliates Members Area; this will include your unique affiliate member number which is used to identify your sale and gets you paid.

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Resume Advantage Pro Affiliate Marketing Program

Image Ads

Skyscraper (120x600)

changing careers

Wide Skyscraper (160x600)

career advancement help

Wide Skyscraper (160x600)

changing careers

Square (250x250)

how to write a resume secret

Medium Rectangle (300x250)

Free resume writing audio disk

Letterboard (728x90)

Career Programs

Banner (486x60)

Start Your Career Today

Letterboard (728x90)

Banner (486x60)

Letterboard (728x90)

Fire-Up Career Success Ad

Banner (486x60)

Fired Career Ad

Link Unit

*Note: Our Link Unit ads are designed to Look and Feel like real Google Adsense link-units. However, the link text does not change, they are a Fixed Image intended to replicate the size and appearance; and they do not take you to a link unit search page. Instead they work exactly like a banner ad. We created these ad options to keep the same appearance of any link-unit advertisements you many already are using on your website.

Displays up to 4 links

Resume Writing Advice Link

Displays up to 4 links

Entry Level JObs Links

Displays up to 4 links

Career Advancement Unit

Displays up to 4 links

Job Search Vertical Link Unit

(486x15) Displays up to 4 links

Experienced Professional Resume Links

(728x15) Displays up to 4 links

Entry Level Jobs Linkunit

Bonus & Promotional Products

Resume Writing CD

Free Resume Writing Software CD

Job Search CD & Case

Free Resume Writing Guide

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