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Affiliate Program – New Marketing Banners Added

Our affiliate program has two new banner advertisements. To support our expanding affiliate network and based on a neutral color scheme to work across standard webpage colors we have two new ads. A banner ad with the Google affiliate network standard sizing of 486×60, titled Start Your Career Today. And a second letterboard ad, again using the same Google adsense sizing of 728×90, titled Career Programs.

These affiliate program ads have been uploaded to our Online Affiliate Marketing Program, affiliates members area under the marketing tools section. In addition, we added the banner ad and letterboard ad to our publicly […]

New Affiliate Marketing Program Ad Tools

Product news update announcement. Just released… in partnership with our affiliate members have recently completed several new image skyscraper and wide skyscraper advertisements specifically sized for ease drop in website and blog ads. Our affiliate marketing program, offered through 1ShoppingCart and payable through PayPal provides our affiliate marketers with both advertising tools and analytics tracking specific to the each affiliates unique account.

We received a few requests for link ads specifically sized to match Google Adsense link units and we are happy to announce we had responded in kind. Just added are six new image ads, four vertical and two […]

Free Audio Books CD for Career Planning

Job hunting can be a pain. Preparing all of your documents, writing a resume and trying to decide on what to say in your cover letter can be a challenge to even the most successful career professional.

With your busy schedule, where you find the time to find out what changes in today’s job market have occurred and how what you don’t know can hurt your career opportunities! Audio books have become increasingly more popular for one simple fact; they easily fit into our busy lifestyles. Whether in the car, on your commute to and from work, or at home doing […]

Free Affiliate Marketing Program – Signup Today!

Ready to work from home and start creating a passive income stream for you and your family? Resume Advantage Pro is proud to offer its cash generating affiliate marketing program. Become part of our affiliate network and loyal customer base.

Do you have an email subscriber list or a customer list? Are you a webmaster, operate a website, or are you an active blogger who can use some extra cash in your pocket? As a marketing affiliate of Resume Advantage Pro online video workshop program you can advertise to your web traffic, readers and subscribers the benefits of improving their career […]