Career Success

Declaring a Disability to an Employer

The Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, prohibits the discrimination of people with disabilities in the workplace. As part of this policy, the ADA requires that workers with disabilities receive reasonable accommodations on the job. Most employers in the United States must act in accordance with the ADA. If you have a disability, you can make sure you receive the accommodations you deserve by declaring your disability to an employer.

For example, let’s say your disability is low vision. You’re not exactly blind, but your vision is very poor, even with the best glasses or contact lenses. You can’t drive, but […]

Corporate Culture and Values

Are your Values and Beliefs Aligned?

Consider the industry, the organization, or the company and their overall corporate vision and business goals before you accept that job offer. What is the public opinion of that company or the industry you are about to enter? Is your long term career goal in line with the business activities this potential employer displays?

This personal and career evaluation may appear simplistic; however if the company or organization is at significant odds with your own personal beliefs and values, you may want to consider the on the job workplace conflicts that may arise. For example, let’s […]

Responding to a Job Offer Letter

Next week, we will begin a five part article series on responding to a job offer letter. Before accepting a job offer or declining a job offer there are many questions you need to consider. What room do you have for negotiations if the job market is challenging. Will you get paid what your skills are worth? How do you compare several offers? What compromises if any will you be faced with and how should you respond to value conflicts? In this series we will examine several job offer letter questions and responses for various situations.

2011 Technology Career Outlook

Internet technology or IT careers are the focus in 2011 and will remain throughout 2012. Hiring trends across most technology fields are significantly flat compared to those in the IT fields as the majority of US based corporations and government agencies firm up their internal technology infrastructure.

This move to internet technology careers are in stark contrast to the 2001 technology dotcom bubble where tech careers were viewed as toxic after the internet bubble burst. In 2001, most software professionals, computer science and software engineers experienced mass layoffs. Now, ten years later we are experiencing a massive reversal in the IT […]

A Career Change just maybe the Best Career Choice

Tip #7: Revisit your Long Term Career Choices

What long term career planning steps have you considered throughout your professional career. Often times we can become comfortable and somewhat complacent within our chosen occupation after we have met certain education and experience requirements. However, over time we can loose our job security if our skills are not continually up to date or with economic shifts, technology innovations, or company restructuring.

If you find yourself in a position where there does not appear to be any jobs in your career field, they you may consider changing industries. Change can be good, but when […]

Job Search Engines Are Not Equal

Tip #6: Using only Top Job Search Engines can Limit Your Career Options

Searching that next job opportunity using online job search engines can distribute your resume to many companies and employment centers. Although, not all job search websites are weighted the same for your professional career field or industry.

Major job websites like and are great choices to broadcast your resume skills and qualifications. However, your chances in getting noticed on these online job search sites are low. Thousands of career professionals and job seekers are posting and updating their resumes daily, and in a highly competitive job market, […]