Career Success

Career Counseling to Expand your Job Hunt

Tip #4: Use Career Counseling and Career Advice Services

Get some help. If month after month has passed with no job offers or employment prospect you may need some help with your job hunt. You do not want to be put in a position where your financial obligations overtake you focusing on your job search.

Recent college graduates and college alumni can use their college’s career services department. Beyond employment listings and postings, many college career service departments offer interview preparation assistance, resume writing and career advice, and can assist you in choosing a career path. These services are often helpful when […]

A Career Change can Reenergize your Job Search

Tip #3: Changing Careers or Branching Out to New Industries.

Diversify you job search and branch out into new job markets you may not have considered in your previous job hunting strategies. Pick a career field, any career field and determine if your skills and qualifications would translate into new job opportunities.

That is not to say that you should just apply for the first job opening that presents itself. As a matter of fact, the opposite is true. Choose a career field that may benefit from your professional knowledge. Your best option is to look at a small geographic area and […]

Job Search Tips to Revitalize your Career Opportunities

Tip #2: Work on your Personal Brand.

If someone were to search for your name online, what, if anything would they see? In all likelihood, hiring you is a big investment to any company or organization. Especially in challenging economic times and an employer driven job market, companies are being more selective about their job applicants.

Take a few minuets and search for yourself online to determine what your digital footprint is. Do you share a name with someone that could create an opportunity or a problem with your online image?

Use your personal brand to let the employer know your strengths, why […]

Career Coaching – How to Choose a Career Mentor

If you are a recent college graduate, considering a career change or a significant promotion, then consider having a professional career coach or mentor. Career coaching and professional mentors are more then just networking with colleagues or other like minded professionals in your career field. Often times, mentors have been through the same career advancement processes and overcome some of the same challenges you may encounter. Taping into their knowledge and advice can overwhelmingly provide you that competitive edge, many professionals overlook until they are pass by for that promotion.

Using a career coach or a mentor provides a level of […]

Best Resume Writing Advice – Be Prepared

Ever heard the phrase, “He who hesitates is lost” or “The early bird gets the worm”? Almost everyone is familiar with these common sayings… sure you may have heard them before or even used them yourself. But take a moment and ask yourself, are you someone who hesitates? Someone who let’s opportunities pass you bye, simply because you are not prepared. Ask yourself, are you prepared to take advantage of that next big job opportunity, that next promotion or raise?

Job hunting and your professional career advancement are often overlooked throughout most employees’ careers until that once in a lifetime opportunity […]

Video Resume – Popular or Problems

Over the past few years, job hunting professionals have attempted to produce and distribute their own video resumes online. While their drive and innovation does merit a nod, using a video resume can introduce a host of unwanted issues and unforeseen downsides. Using video is by far the most powerful media one can use to distribute their message. However, pairing the job search and interview selection process can prove challenging in both the message (i.e. your video resume) and the distribution method.

Company recruiters and internal human resources departments each have their own employee selection process defined by the company policies, […]