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Great Resume Format to Craft Your Resume’

Hi, my name is Marco and I’m from West Palm Beach Florida.

My resume prior to Resume Advantage Pro was definitely not as polished or may be as insightful was after using the video workshop. The great thing about resume advantage pro is that you can take the material that you have and you are able to craft it into a much more presentable and compelling document which was really neat.

I thought the CD, Resume Secrets and Job Search Strategies was great, it has tons of great content there. One of the thing I learned that I didn’t know before was […]

Affiliate Program – New Marketing Banners Added

Our ResumeAdvantagePro.com affiliate program has two new banner advertisements. To support our expanding affiliate network and based on a neutral color scheme to work across standard webpage colors we have two new ads. A banner ad with the Google affiliate network standard sizing of 486×60, titled Start Your Career Today. And a second letterboard ad, again using the same Google adsense sizing of 728×90, titled Career Programs.

These affiliate program ads have been uploaded to our Online Affiliate Marketing Program, affiliates members area under the marketing tools section. In addition, we added the banner ad and letterboard ad to our publicly […]

Top 100 – How to Write a Resume Search Terms

In this challenging and highly competitive global job market, what resume keywords and resume related search terms are the most popular being searched for? Google, Yahoo, and other search engines all vary in their top search term list but there are many significant similarities when examining both global, international based terms and those more localized within the United States. We have compiled a list of the current, most widely searched text for How to Write a Resume; specifically looking at just the exact search term. Search phrases and broad search terms that show up randomly in a search result were […]

New Affiliate Marketing Program Ad Tools

Product news update announcement. Just released… ResumeAdvantagePro.com in partnership with our affiliate members have recently completed several new image skyscraper and wide skyscraper advertisements specifically sized for ease drop in website and blog ads. Our affiliate marketing program, offered through 1ShoppingCart and payable through PayPal provides our affiliate marketers with both advertising tools and analytics tracking specific to the each affiliates unique account.

We received a few requests for link ads specifically sized to match Google Adsense link units and we are happy to announce we had responded in kind. Just added are six new image ads, four vertical and two […]

Free Resume Templates for Career Professionals

Unsure how to write a resume or where to start? Looking for help, advice, and resume writing tips that you can start using today! Templates and examples can only show you what others have done and who know if they really can produce the results you want.

Ask yourself… Google estimates more then 450,000 people search for the exact phrase “Resume Templates” per month in just the United States alone! That’s over Five Million people per year. Can you honestly say that using some sort of basic resume templates or copying someone’s resume¬†is the best way to compete in this highly […]

Packed with So Much Information!

I’m a High School educator in New Jersey and I am so excited to have an opportunity to use and experience a program like Resume Advantage Pro. It is so important to me that my students make a connection between what we are learning in the classroom and what is available to them in a very challenging job market.

In reviewing the Resume Advantage Pro online video workshop program I noticed that as a teacher this product has a similar type of step by step curriculum that I deliver in the classroom. I felt that anyone who is really interested in […]