How to Write a Resume

Resume Tips – Your Brand Identity

Tide gets your clothes clean. Achoo, Kleenex please! What is your career brand identity? You know about a particular product because it has been well promoted to the point its brand name has become synonymous with the product itself.

Ever heard of Styrofoam? You know, packing peanuts and that white molded packing material we have all encountered. But did you know Styrofoam is actually the brand name trademarked by The Dow Chemical Company, not that white fluffy material we are all familiar with. The real name is “closed-cell extruded polystyrene”. I agree, Styrofoam sounds better, but that’s the point. What does […]

Resume Writing Mistakes – Top 20 Misspelled Words and Bad Resume Phrases

Writing a resume can be a challenge pulling together all of your career history, education, professional experience, and marketable skills. It can be a daunting task to condense your entire professional career onto a resume that will make sense to any future employers. Even with the best intentions, spelling and grammar mistakes do occur even with proper editing, proofreading, and using spell check and grammar checking software. However, there tends to be common trend amongst specific words and bad phrases that often appear or should never be used on a resume.

Achieve – Acheive, Acheeve
Acquire – Aqire
Competition – Compation, Competation
Continuous – […]

Resume Writing Tips – How to Spell Resume

Writing a resume for your next employer is more then just listing your professional experience, education, skills, and qualifications. It is often the first impression any potential employer may have to evaluate your as a candidate for the job opening. In today’s highly competitive job market, the need for a well written resume is more important then ever. However, resume writing is more then just the quality or quantity of information. Using proper grammar and spelling also conveys to potential employers your attention to detail, professionalism, and work ethic.

Truly, with all the automated grammar and spelling tools available today there […]

How to Write a Boring Resume – Would you Hire Oprah?

Oprah Winfrey
Chicago, Illinois

Work Summary:
I have worked as an anchor and talk show host for various television shows and news reporting organizations.

News Anchor, Nashville
Co-anchor, Baltimore – 1976 to 1978
Local Talk Show Host, Chicago – 1983 to 1986
National Talk show Host, Chicago – 1986 to Present

Additional Experience:
Actress, Various Films – 1985 to 2010

This is a ridiculous scenario, but imagine if Oprah Winfrey’s professional work experience, accomplishments and achievements were written like this! Surprisingly, many serious job seeking and job hunting professionals spend little effort writing a quality resume that is not representative to their professional skills and contributions they can provide to […]

Job Hunting Tips and Resume Writing Help

Unemployment can be very discouraging and it seems that the media is not making anything better. One only has to watch the news or scan the newspaper to see articles about how difficult the job search can be and how the slow economy is not encouraging employers to hire.  The unemployment index has flat-lined and shows no signs of employment opportunities in the near future.

The job hunt can be especially challenging for one who is a recent graduate and has little or no experience in their chosen career field. Those who decide on changing careers or industries in this shaky […]

Don’t Panic – Resume Writing Advice for College Graduates

You just graduated from your university. Congratulations College Grad. All you have to do now is find that perfect job and you are set for life. After the initial “graduation euphoria” passes, reality begins to set in. Weeks turn into months and you are still looking for a job. The threat of student loan payments combined with the discouraging news about the job market and the economy may induce panic.

Before succumbing to panic, remember two things. You are not alone. Recent graduates all over the country are dealing with the same problems. There have been reports and stories all over […]