Job Search Tips and Strategies

Declaring a Disability to an Employer

The Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, prohibits the discrimination of people with disabilities in the workplace. As part of this policy, the ADA requires that workers with disabilities receive reasonable accommodations on the job. Most employers in the United States must act in accordance with the ADA. If you have a disability, you can make sure you receive the accommodations you deserve by declaring your disability to an employer.

For example, let’s say your disability is low vision. You’re not exactly blind, but your vision is very poor, even with the best glasses or contact lenses. You can’t drive, but […]

Commuting to a New Job Opportunity

Can I get there on time?

How far is the commute to your new job? Do you have dependable transportation or are you utilizing public transportation? Is your work schedule or shift variable or fixed?

A long commute may seem reasonable during the honeymoon period of your new job or when you are considering accepting the job offer. However, do consider the long term challenging affects a long commute may have throughout your employment with your new company. Are you prepared to make a long or difficult commute every single day? Will inclement weather introduce any unforeseen challenges? If you are unable […]

Job Search Engines Are Not Equal

Tip #6: Using only Top Job Search Engines can Limit Your Career Options

Searching that next job opportunity using online job search engines can distribute your resume to many companies and employment centers. Although, not all job search websites are weighted the same for your professional career field or industry.

Major job websites like and are great choices to broadcast your resume skills and qualifications. However, your chances in getting noticed on these online job search sites are low. Thousands of career professionals and job seekers are posting and updating their resumes daily, and in a highly competitive job market, […]

Find a Job – Energize a Stagnant Job Search Tips

For those job hunters that have been searching for a job for months or more, the whole job search process may seem a bit stale.,, and to name just a few job search websites and job search engines appears never ending. It is frustrating to go months without finding a job. Inevitability you begin to question yourself, your professional skills, experience, qualifications, or even your education. But you’re not alone. In times of high unemployment and a slow moving job market can create the appearance of a job search that becomes stagnated.

Over the next few days we […]

Using a Career Center for your Job Search

It is certainly understandable to be worried about rising unemployment and inflation. It seems everywhere you turn all the news talks about the falling US dollar, pending inflation, and the tough job market.

So what can you do to take full advantage of those resources you have available to you to help with your job search? Savvy job searchers know where and how to look for jobs. Job Centers can aid to your job hunting needs, provide employment and resume writing tips, and help your job search efforts if you know where to find them and how to use them. There […]

Job Interview Tips – Prepare Questions in Advance

Your career objective is always to nail the interview, and follow up. Do not try to wing your way through the interview. Your potential employer will know that you are not prepared. Instead, take your time and gather everything you need for the interview. Do some research on the company and on the position to which you are applying. Be prepared to answer challenging interview questions with confidence, and prepare several job position questions for the interviewer. When asked, “do you have any questions”, quietly saying No is not the best response. Show your potential employer you can engage them […]