Job Security

Job Loss – How Do You Recover?

Losing one’s job can be a traumatic experience, as many people are discovering in this troubled economy. It is not uncommon to cry or feel sick when finding out you were laid off or fired. After the incident, you may have strong feelings of sadness, anger, and resentment, not to mention a drop in self-esteem.

Of course, most people learn how to recover from job loss over time. This article will cover 5 tips to help you recover from job loss.

1. Stay positive.
Yes, it is hard to stay positive when you have just lost your livelihood. But, keep in mind that […]

The Great Recession Continues: Employment Situation Update

The Employment Situation update presented by the Labor Department for July of 2011 is slightly better than the bleak June report, but it’s still pretty unpleasant. With the current employment situation, it’s no wonder Americans are continuing to call this period in our history the Great Recession.

In July of 2011, overall private employment increased by 154,000, a modest rise. Most measures used to assess the employment situation showed little change. In this article, we’ll break down some of the important numbers that affect you as a job seeker.

How high was the unemployment rate in July?
According to the July Employment Situation, […]

Employment News: Zero Job Growth in August

The employment situation in America isn’t getting any better, revealed the Labor Department’s August Employment Situation report. The unemployment rate held steady at 9.1% and there was no significant change in nonfarm payroll employment. Keep in mind that about 150,000 jobs need to be added per month to keep pace with population growth, so no job growth means the employment situation actually got worse. This article will cover relevant statistics on the U.S. employment situation.

How many U.S. residents were out of work in August?
In August, 14 million people were unemployed, about the same number as in July. The size of […]

The Great Recession – Employment Situation

The employment situation in the United States is difficult right now, as any American can tell you. Job growth slowed significantly in June 2011, according to a Labor Department report published earlier this month. Only 18,000 nonfarm payroll positions were added, far fewer than the 150,000 jobs per month needed to keep pace with regular population growth.

If we are recovering from what many are calling the Great Recession, the recovery has been slow and erratic. This isn’t what any job seeker wants to hear, but it’s practical information. The following article will cover some important statistics on the current employment situation […]

Commuting to a New Job Opportunity

Can I get there on time?

How far is the commute to your new job? Do you have dependable transportation or are you utilizing public transportation? Is your work schedule or shift variable or fixed?

A long commute may seem reasonable during the honeymoon period of your new job or when you are considering accepting the job offer. However, do consider the long term challenging affects a long commute may have throughout your employment with your new company. Are you prepared to make a long or difficult commute every single day? Will inclement weather introduce any unforeseen challenges? If you are unable […]

Using a Salary Calculator for Hourly and Annual Pay

Am I getting paid fairly?

After job hunting, submitting job applications, and interviewing you may be willing to accept any job offer that is presented to you. Depending on the current status of the job market, the competition in your specific industry, your professional experience, job skills, education or degrees; choosing the right career opportunity will often encompass the issue of financial compensation as part of your decision. Am I getting paid fairly? What are my other coworkers in my field earning and can I expect to earn the same pay?

If your industry or the current job market is highly competitive […]