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Career Coaching – How to Choose a Career Mentor

If you are a recent college graduate, considering a career change or a significant promotion, then consider having a professional career coach or mentor. Career coaching and professional mentors are more then just networking with colleagues or other like minded professionals in your career field. Often times, mentors have been through the same career advancement processes and overcome some of the same challenges you may encounter. Taping into their knowledge and advice can overwhelmingly provide you that competitive edge, many professionals overlook until they are pass by for that promotion.

Using a career coach or a mentor provides a level of […]

Best Resume Writing Advice – Be Prepared

Ever heard the phrase, “He who hesitates is lost” or “The early bird gets the worm”? Almost everyone is familiar with these common sayings… sure you may have heard them before or even used them yourself. But take a moment and ask yourself, are you someone who hesitates? Someone who let’s opportunities pass you bye, simply because you are not prepared. Ask yourself, are you prepared to take advantage of that next big job opportunity, that next promotion or raise?

Job hunting and your professional career advancement are often overlooked throughout most employees’ careers until that once in a lifetime opportunity […]

Highest Paying Jobs for 2011

According to career poles and news reporting in 2010, the highest paying and most stable jobs were in the medical and medical services career field. However, with the looming increases in medical insurance and malpractice insurance medical professionals may see their profits dwindling in 2011. Other professional careers suffered throughout 2010, specifically those related to the defense industry as defense spending and program budgets were cut.

Not all technical fields suffered in 2010 as internet technology (IT), computer science, software engineers, and programmers maintained a strong presence. Companies used the low in the workforce to update and revitalize their internal technology […]

How to Write a Resume for the New Year

If you’re brand new to the workforce or you are an experienced work professional looking for those next job opportunities, updating your resume profile and your work experience gained throughout the year is critical to your long term job security.

The New Year brings a sense of renewal and revival in the job market. The holidays are over and companies are now looking ahead to what their objectives and goals are for the coming year. Employers return to new annual budgets and a sense of getting back to work that often drives hiring in the first quarter of the year. Therefore, […]

Using a Career Center for your Job Search

It is certainly understandable to be worried about rising unemployment and inflation. It seems everywhere you turn all the news talks about the falling US dollar, pending inflation, and the tough job market.

So what can you do to take full advantage of those resources you have available to you to help with your job search? Savvy job searchers know where and how to look for jobs. Job Centers can aid to your job hunting needs, provide employment and resume writing tips, and help your job search efforts if you know where to find them and how to use them. There […]

Resume Writing a Home Based Business Idea

If you are in between jobs, unemployed, or looking for that perfect work from home business, consider professional resume writing as an option. Truth be told, there are hundreds if not thousands of resume writing services out there. But as the job market is showing signs of life and unemployment over the next few years is anticipated to drop, millions of currently out of work professionals may require resume help and advice.

But no matter what sort of business you decide on, know that you have options. Check with your state or local government because there are many government programs out […]