Job Security

Write a Resume for the New Year

Is your resume up to date? Ready to take on the New Year job market!

Economic predictions based in large part to a growing opinion amongst economist suggest the stagnant unemployment rate which loomed throughout 2010, will begin to decline in early 2011 as companies begin to hire employees. With the bulk of publicly held companies reporting record short term capital cash assets on their balance sheets; largely in part to hording profits, labor reductions and decreased operating cost for nearly two years. It is no surprise corporations are positioning themselves to reemerge in 2011 with an anticipated hiring boom.

Unemployment remains […]

Business Networking – Expand your Career Network

One of the best ways to find a great job is by business networking with professionals, both within your industry and in related career fields. Using your professional contacts to locate that next career opportunity has significant advantages. Employers are much more likely to hire someone they know either directly or through someone they know. It is much less of a risk than it is to hire based on just someone’s resume skills. On LinkedIn, for example, you will have access to a vast array of career industry groups and to their members. The more people you are in contact […]

Need a Job – Using Job Search Engines

It’s tough out there. The job market is growing more competitive every year. In good economic times job searching can be a challenge, and your job hunt can be next to impossible in bad economic times; everyone knows that. Practical advice is something we could all use while we are using job search engines and employment websites looking for that right job. Here is some career advice you can use to increase your chances of getting that perfect job.

Do not blend in! With high unemployment, employers have never had so many great choices of candidates for their open positions so […]