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Highest Paying Jobs for 2011

According to career poles and news reporting in 2010, the highest paying and most stable jobs were in the medical and medical services career field. However, with the looming increases in medical insurance and malpractice insurance medical professionals may see their profits dwindling in 2011. Other professional careers suffered throughout 2010, specifically those related to the defense industry as defense spending and program budgets were cut.

Not all technical fields suffered in 2010 as internet technology (IT), computer science, software engineers, and programmers maintained a strong presence. Companies used the low in the workforce to update and revitalize their internal technology […]

Resume Writing a Home Based Business Idea

If you are in between jobs, unemployed, or looking for that perfect work from home business, consider professional resume writing as an option. Truth be told, there are hundreds if not thousands of resume writing services out there. But as the job market is showing signs of life and unemployment over the next few years is anticipated to drop, millions of currently out of work professionals may require resume help and advice.

But no matter what sort of business you decide on, know that you have options. Check with your state or local government because there are many government programs out […]

Write a Resume for the New Year

Is your resume up to date? Ready to take on the New Year job market!

Economic predictions based in large part to a growing opinion amongst economist suggest the stagnant unemployment rate which loomed throughout 2010, will begin to decline in early 2011 as companies begin to hire employees. With the bulk of publicly held companies reporting record short term capital cash assets on their balance sheets; largely in part to hording profits, labor reductions and decreased operating cost for nearly two years. It is no surprise corporations are positioning themselves to reemerge in 2011 with an anticipated hiring boom.

Unemployment remains […]

Create a Positive Work Environment – Joy at Work Review

Adults spend most of their waking hours at their jobs. For some, this can be forty to sixty hours a week. The place one spends most of their adult life should not be a place where he or she feels under appreciated and undervalued. They should not dread going to their job every day. Work should be a joyous, a fun experience in a positive working environment. This is the premise of author Dennis W. Bakke’s, national bestseller Joy at Work.

Dennis W. Bakke has a passion to “make work exciting, rewarding, stimulating, and enjoyable.” (13) Joy at Work is a […]