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Software Developers, Engineers, and Technicians: How’s your Interview Skills? Are You Employable?

You know all about the latest technology and you know how to use it. You have a great resume on top of your software programming skills, developer talents, and engineering knowledge and experience. You spent years in school, university, and taking class after class in college to put into practice with you know. But did it really prepare you for building your professional career? Most college and university programs or certifications teach you how to perform the tasks required to do your job. Yet we are often never taught the skills to succeed throughout our careers. Resume writing, interview skills, […]

How to get an Edge on Your Job Search

To gain a competitive edge in your job search, you should know how to write a resume that will get you noticed. There are so many resources you can use if you want to know how to write a great cover letter, resume, or CV. All you have to do is search online. But there is a catch.  With so many services out there who can you trust or how can you gain that edge over other job hunting professionals? If you have no experience in your chosen field, then you can start with some creative resume writing.

Once you are […]

Job Descriptions and Duties – The Perfect Job, Part 1

This is it, the perfect job! This is your calling. You fit every job qualification requirement, the education and the experience required. You knew it from the moment you spotted the job description. Immediately you take action. You get your resume together and apply for the job. You are sure that your cover letter is intriguing, perfectly written, and you are convinced that your resumes will show your future employer all they need to know to prove that you are perfect for the job.

You apply for the perfect job and you wait. Days turn into weeks and you hear nothing […]