Resume Writing Secrets

How to Make a Resume to Standout in Seconds

Whether you are looking for your first job or an experienced career veteran, your resume will have about 20 seconds to catch an employer’s attention. 20 seconds is the amount of time an employer spends reviewing your resume for the first time. Within this 20 second time frame; an employer, human resources department, or career recruiter will decides whether or not you he or she will qualify your professional work experience, education, skills, and qualifications as meeting the job opening requirements. This quick once over glance by the potential employer could determine if they call you in for an interview […]

How to Make a Resume for my First Job

You are brand new to the workforce and you don’t have any experience to put on your resume. Don’t worry. There are other ways to make your resume look great and to get you noticed by employers. For beginners, writing a resume serves a slightly different purpose than it does for an experienced professional in the job market. If you are right out of school or just entering the workforce for the first time writing a resume can seem like a challenging task

Generally, an employee’s work experience or post high school education (college, university, trade school, or certifications) are primarily […]

The Resume Objective

Objective: College graduate looking for a career where I can make a difference.

Objective: I have a bachelors in Business and Management I am looking for a position where I can use my skills to benefit a company.

Objective: I have a passion and an aptitude for Business and Management. As a recent graduate, I am bringing you my academic achievements and education so that I can begin my career as a member of your organization.

Which of these three resume objective examples are more likely to get an employer’s attentions? The simple truth, None of Them!

Most resume formats, examples, templates, and so-called […]

Resume Tips – Your Brand Identity

Tide gets your clothes clean. Achoo, Kleenex please! What is your career brand identity? You know about a particular product because it has been well promoted to the point its brand name has become synonymous with the product itself.

Ever heard of Styrofoam? You know, packing peanuts and that white molded packing material we have all encountered. But did you know Styrofoam is actually the brand name trademarked by The Dow Chemical Company, not that white fluffy material we are all familiar with. The real name is “closed-cell extruded polystyrene”. I agree, Styrofoam sounds better, but that’s the point. What does […]

How to Write a Boring Resume – Would you Hire Oprah?

Oprah Winfrey
Chicago, Illinois

Work Summary:
I have worked as an anchor and talk show host for various television shows and news reporting organizations.

News Anchor, Nashville
Co-anchor, Baltimore – 1976 to 1978
Local Talk Show Host, Chicago – 1983 to 1986
National Talk show Host, Chicago – 1986 to Present

Additional Experience:
Actress, Various Films – 1985 to 2010

This is a ridiculous scenario, but imagine if Oprah Winfrey’s professional work experience, accomplishments and achievements were written like this! Surprisingly, many serious job seeking and job hunting professionals spend little effort writing a quality resume that is not representative to their professional skills and contributions they can provide to […]

Job Hunting? Do More Than Email Resumes and Wait

Job Hunting. You would be surprised to learn how many people do not know how to write a good resume or cover letter.