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Unemployment can be very discouraging and it seems that the media is not making anything better. One only has to watch the news or scan the newspaper to see articles about how difficult the job search can be and how the slow economy is not encouraging employers to hire.  The unemployment index has flat-lined and shows no signs of employment opportunities in the near future.

The job hunt can be especially challenging for one who is a recent graduate and has little or no experience in their chosen career field. Those who decide on changing careers or industries in this shaky […]

Don’t Panic – Resume Writing Advice for College Graduates

You just graduated from your university. Congratulations College Grad. All you have to do now is find that perfect job and you are set for life. After the initial “graduation euphoria” passes, reality begins to set in. Weeks turn into months and you are still looking for a job. The threat of student loan payments combined with the discouraging news about the job market and the economy may induce panic.

Before succumbing to panic, remember two things. You are not alone. Recent graduates all over the country are dealing with the same problems. There have been reports and stories all over […]

Resume Writing Secrets You Will Discover!

Start getting interviews now by learning how to perfectly match your skills and get noticed by employers.  Increase your job security and why being wrong can be the right answer. Little or no work experience? No problem, uncover what it takes to show potential employers you can do the job even without knowing anyone on the inside.  Don’t stress, have employers come to you, work less and make more money!  No degree!  Again, no problem… Learn what it takes to really succeed and which real world experience is invaluable to advance your career.  Discover exactly what highly qualified experienced professionals […]

Resume Advantage Pro Product Pre-Launch Press Release

For Immediate Release

Friday, November 12, 2010, the Seneea Corporation in conjunction with its affiliate partners announced the much anticipated re-release of the popular Resume Advantage Pro Video Workshop Program. The scheduled 3pm EST conference call described the newly revised, career coaching and resume writing course and the proposed release date.

*** The Call
Our overall objective with the re-release of Resume Advantage Pro is to provide the most up to date and accurate tools to our clients. But be able to provide this workshop program to a broader audience by changing our distribution method to an online digital format. This has […]

Excellent Career Advice!

I was faced with a decision to move my life to follow a job out of state; a big chance.  The information and career strategies I learned from Resume Advantage Pro was instrumental in helping me identify the underlying advantages and disadvantages of doing this.  In the end, I made the move and had Great Success!

Aaron K.

I Got the Job!

When I was attending college, one of the classes I had to take during my last semester in was called Job Preparation. This was one of those classes that was suppose to prepare us grads to ace the interview and get the 50K a year position.

At the time, I ran some theories I was learning from the class through Brian, the founder of Resume Advantage Pro. He told me there where some differences in classroom theory verses what happens when you are actually in front of the interviewer. He went on to explain.

I took his advice… when I interviewed for […]