Great Resume Format to Craft Your Resume’

Hi, my name is Marco and I’m from West Palm Beach Florida.

My resume prior to Resume Advantage Pro was definitely not as polished or may be as insightful was after using the video workshop. The great thing about resume advantage pro is that you can take the material that you have and you are able to craft it into a much more presentable and compelling document which was really neat.

I thought the CD, Resume Secrets and Job Search Strategies was great, it has tons of great content there. One of the thing I learned that I didn’t know before was […]

Packed with So Much Information!

I’m a High School educator in New Jersey and I am so excited to have an opportunity to use and experience a program like Resume Advantage Pro. It is so important to me that my students make a connection between what we are learning in the classroom and what is available to them in a very challenging job market.

In reviewing the Resume Advantage Pro online video workshop program I noticed that as a teacher this product has a similar type of step by step curriculum that I deliver in the classroom. I felt that anyone who is really interested in […]

Excellent Career Advice!

I was faced with a decision to move my life to follow a job out of state; a big chance.  The information and career strategies I learned from Resume Advantage Pro was instrumental in helping me identify the underlying advantages and disadvantages of doing this.  In the end, I made the move and had Great Success!

Aaron K.

I Got the Job!

When I was attending college, one of the classes I had to take during my last semester in was called Job Preparation. This was one of those classes that was suppose to prepare us grads to ace the interview and get the 50K a year position.

At the time, I ran some theories I was learning from the class through Brian, the founder of Resume Advantage Pro. He told me there where some differences in classroom theory verses what happens when you are actually in front of the interviewer. He went on to explain.

I took his advice… when I interviewed for […]