Writing a Resume

Federal Resume – Part 2

Our website recently ran an article on how to write a header for a federal resume. Today, we continue our discussion by covering the actual content that one should provide on a federal resume.

As we said last time, although a federal resume requires more specific information than a resume for the private sector, knowing how to write a resume in general is still helpful. The federal resume is, after all, basically a more detailed variant of the standard resume.

Now, in addition to standard resume advice, here are tips that are more specific to the federal resume:

1. Aim for about 3 […]

Federal Resume – Part 1

Knowing how to write a federal resume is an important first step for anyone who wants a government job.

Now, we’re not going to tiptoe around it: finding a government job is hard right now. Government jobs have been disappearing since the start of the Great Recession.

At the local level alone, government employment has declined by 535,000 since September of 2008, according to the Department of Labor’s latest Employment Situation report. Just in September, our economy lost 34,000 government positions overall.

In this difficult environment, you need to make sure your federal resume looks flawless whenever you apply for a government position.

First, […]

Artist’s Resume

An artist’s resume is designed to help workers in creative fields, such as fine art photographers and sculptors, promote themselves as artists.

Most of the resume advice on this website assumes that you are a more-or-less traditional job seeker applying for fairly typical jobs. But, if you are an oil painter, for example, your primary source of income might be getting your paintings into commercial galleries and nonprofit galleries to be sold, or selling them yourself through your studio or website. That is what an artist’s resume is designed to do, and we are going to show you how to write […]

Funny Resume Mistakes

Need a break from job hunting? Spend a few minutes reading funny resume mistakes! Don’t worry, we aren’t going to take excerpts from anyone we’ve worked with. These funny resume mistakes were found online and the people responsible for them have remained anonymous. While they provide a great giggle, they also highlight the importance of proofreading your resume and not being too honest in how you present yourself.

Funny Resume Mistakes, Act I: Typos
If you don’t find the errors on your resume, hiring managers will. These funny resume typos sure demonstrate that fact! They come courtesy of the University of Kent’s […]

How to Boost Your High School Resume

While plenty of resume advice is offered to adult professionals, learning how to boost your high school resume can be more challenging for the job seeking high school student.

As our blog recently reported, finding jobs for high school students isn’t easy. As of August 2011, the unemployment rate for teens was 24.5%—the highest all the U.S. demographic groups. Mix this together with a global economic slowdown and you’ll see why teens have it tough in the job market.

That’s why we’re offering 5 resume tips for secondary school students in this article. Keep reading to learn how you can boost your high […]

Resume Writing

Resume writing is an art. Like other forms of art, resume writing is subjective. However, you can make your resume as pleasing as possible to the average hiring manager by following some commonly accepted guidelines. This article will give you 7 resume writing hints to make your resume more attractive.

1. Begin your resume with a clear focus.
You want the hiring manager to quickly understand your profession and capabilities. One way to do this is to center the name of your profession under your name and street address, then follow up with a skills summary. You could also write an executive […]