Writing a Resume

Writing a Resume to Refresh Your Professional Image

Tip #5: Is Your Resume Writing Reflective of your Career Objective

Refresh your resume. If your job search appears stalled, take this time to review your resume and your overall professional image. This includes your cover letter, professional social media sites such as Linked-In, and your professional references.

If employers have already seen your resume and you have not received any responses back, then this might be your cue to give your resume a second look. Check your resume for spelling mistakes, typos, and poor grammar. Those are a definite turn-off to any potential employer.

Do you think your online resume would pass […]

A Career Change can Reenergize your Job Search

Tip #3: Changing Careers or Branching Out to New Industries.

Diversify you job search and branch out into new job markets you may not have considered in your previous job hunting strategies. Pick a career field, any career field and determine if your skills and qualifications would translate into new job opportunities.

That is not to say that you should just apply for the first job opening that presents itself. As a matter of fact, the opposite is true. Choose a career field that may benefit from your professional knowledge. Your best option is to look at a small geographic area and […]

How to Make a Resume to Standout in Seconds

Whether you are looking for your first job or an experienced career veteran, your resume will have about 20 seconds to catch an employer’s attention. 20 seconds is the amount of time an employer spends reviewing your resume for the first time. Within this 20 second time frame; an employer, human resources department, or career recruiter will decides whether or not you he or she will qualify your professional work experience, education, skills, and qualifications as meeting the job opening requirements. This quick once over glance by the potential employer could determine if they call you in for an interview […]

How to Make a Resume for my First Job

You are brand new to the workforce and you don’t have any experience to put on your resume. Don’t worry. There are other ways to make your resume look great and to get you noticed by employers. For beginners, writing a resume serves a slightly different purpose than it does for an experienced professional in the job market. If you are right out of school or just entering the workforce for the first time writing a resume can seem like a challenging task

Generally, an employee’s work experience or post high school education (college, university, trade school, or certifications) are primarily […]

How to Write a Resume for the New Year

If you’re brand new to the workforce or you are an experienced work professional looking for those next job opportunities, updating your resume profile and your work experience gained throughout the year is critical to your long term job security.

The New Year brings a sense of renewal and revival in the job market. The holidays are over and companies are now looking ahead to what their objectives and goals are for the coming year. Employers return to new annual budgets and a sense of getting back to work that often drives hiring in the first quarter of the year. Therefore, […]

Free Resume Templates for Career Professionals

Unsure how to write a resume or where to start? Looking for help, advice, and resume writing tips that you can start using today! Templates and examples can only show you what others have done and who know if they really can produce the results you want.

Ask yourself… Google estimates more then 450,000 people search for the exact phrase “Resume Templates” per month in just the United States alone! That’s over Five Million people per year. Can you honestly say that using some sort of basic resume templates or copying someone’s resume¬†is the best way to compete in this highly […]