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Paralegal Resume

As a paralegal professional, you have training that is in great demand in law offices all over the country. However, as we always emphasize, this does not mean that opportunities will come to you.

A well-written, attention-grabbing resume can push your career forward or hold it back.

For starters, please look over our general article on how to write a resume. A paralegal resume is based on the same fundamental concepts as other types of professional resumes.

Now, here are a few pointers that are more specific to you as a paralegal:

1. Use the chronological format, but replace the objective statement with an […]

Accounting Resume

Your accounting resume has to stand out from the crowd to help you land your next job. However, in a field like accounting, many workers have similar skills, which can make it difficult to distinguish yourself.

That said, it is definitely possible to write an attention-grabbing, compelling accounting resume that still meets the expectations of hiring managers in this conservative industry.

First, please read our general article on how to write a resume. Your accounting resume should be built on the same basic fundamentals that apply to job seekers from other professions.

The following are extra tips to fine-tune your resume for the […]

Nursing Resume

Nursing is one of the most in-demand occupations today. Even in this difficult economic period, new health care jobs are cropping up every month. For example, according to the Department of Labor’s latest Employment Situation report, 44,000 health care positions were added in the U.S. in September.

However, that does not give you an excuse to become complacent. Just because health care jobs are out there doesn’t mean one will drop into your lap. You still have to market yourself, and that means having an excellent nursing resume that includes the skills hiring managers want to see.

First, please read our general […]

Funny Cover Letters

If your job hunt has you feeling down, relax for a few minutes by checking out some funny cover letters. These funny cover letters, which we found online, were all used by real applicants. Reading them will not only amuse you, but remind you of the dangers of presenting irrelevant “experience,” wasting the hiring manager’s time with cutesy gimmicks, or attempting to use dark humor in what is supposed to be a professional correspondence.

Funny Cover Letter #1: Elementary School and Internet Accomplishments
This gem of a funny cover letter was first posted on the message board of the North American Subaru […]

Teacher Resume

As a teacher, resume writing can be challenging. While items like certifications objectively communicate your proficiency, it’s harder to express the “soft skills” that are necessary for a successful teaching career, such as the ability to communicate well and handle conflict appropriately.

Plus, when you’re a teacher, resume length can quickly become a concern, as you may have to squeeze student teaching experience, practicums, tutoring experience, subject proficiencies, and other qualifications into a document that’s typically only one or two pages long.

Wait a minute,two pages? Yes, while we typically recommend that job seekers try to limit their resumes to one page, […]

Dental Hygienist Resume

Your dental hygienist resume could be your ticket to riding out the current economic crisis in comfort, as demand for dental hygienists is very high right now. According to the Department of Labor, job prospects for dental hygienists are excellent, because “dentists continue to need the aid of qualified dental assistants.” The Department of Labor explains that, “as dentists’ workloads increase, they are expected to hire more assistants to perform routine tasks,” thus opening up more positions.

To benefit from this boom, however, you must have a polished dental hygienist resume that quickly and effectively markets your skills. Before we discuss […]