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Responding to a Job Offer Letter

Next week, we will begin a five part article series on responding to a job offer letter. Before accepting a job offer or declining a job offer there are many questions you need to consider. What room do you have for negotiations if the job market is challenging. Will you get paid what your skills are worth? How do you compare several offers? What compromises if any will you be faced with and how should you respond to value conflicts? In this series we will examine several job offer letter questions and responses for various situations.

Resume Templates

Using standardized resume templates, either a free template or a general step by step resume software product, can simplify the resume writing process. However, many sample resume templates are only as good as the examples they provide.

A free resume template is a great way to initially begin the resume writing process, but they are only the first step in how to write a resume. Resume templates are just as their name defines a box template that your information is placed into. Very little concern is given to the order and flow of your information, and specific qualifications you can provide […]

Video Resume – Popular or Problems

Over the past few years, job hunting professionals have attempted to produce and distribute their own video resumes online. While their drive and innovation does merit a nod, using a video resume can introduce a host of unwanted issues and unforeseen downsides. Using video is by far the most powerful media one can use to distribute their message. However, pairing the job search and interview selection process can prove challenging in both the message (i.e. your video resume) and the distribution method.

Company recruiters and internal human resources departments each have their own employee selection process defined by the company policies, […]

Free Audio Books CD for Career Planning

Job hunting can be a pain. Preparing all of your documents, writing a resume and trying to decide on what to say in your cover letter can be a challenge to even the most successful career professional.

With your busy schedule, where you find the time to find out what changes in today’s job market have occurred and how what you don’t know can hurt your career opportunities! Audio books have become increasingly more popular for one simple fact; they easily fit into our busy lifestyles. Whether in the car, on your commute to and from work, or at home doing […]

Resume Writing a Home Based Business Idea

If you are in between jobs, unemployed, or looking for that perfect work from home business, consider professional resume writing as an option. Truth be told, there are hundreds if not thousands of resume writing services out there. But as the job market is showing signs of life and unemployment over the next few years is anticipated to drop, millions of currently out of work professionals may require resume help and advice.

But no matter what sort of business you decide on, know that you have options. Check with your state or local government because there are many government programs out […]

The Resume Objective

Objective: College graduate looking for a career where I can make a difference.

Objective: I have a bachelors in Business and Management I am looking for a position where I can use my skills to benefit a company.

Objective: I have a passion and an aptitude for Business and Management. As a recent graduate, I am bringing you my academic achievements and education so that I can begin my career as a member of your organization.

Which of these three resume objective examples are more likely to get an employer’s attentions? The simple truth, None of Them!

Most resume formats, examples, templates, and so-called […]